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War is coming! Inevitable, titanic war. Soldiers forged by hatred, suffering and iron will go into battle to fight for victory. This is the time for heroes to rise and for legends to be born. Pick your side now and let us take you to a journey around the Universe of Mantra where heroes and legends are fighting side by side to write their history. Join now and be a part of a great adventure, be a part of the Mantra Universe! The War is near… choose your brethren before it arrives!

What is the Mantra?

Mantra is a text based massively multiplayer online role playing game on mobile featuring a grand scale conflict between two races, in a world where science fiction meets fantasy. The game provides you a universe with its own deep historical background and offers the possibility for the players to write its future with their heroic acts.

What is this conflict? Could you tell us about the story?

We really want our players themselves to discover everything in our game and shall not give the information for free. What we would like to share is the information the featured races know from the very beginning: If you are a Mantedar, you have your sacred mission to conquer the Prohuman’s planet and purify it from the opposing race. If you are a Prohuman, you are fighting for survival ... you are fighting against an alien race invading your planet with a clear objective to exterminate your kind and erase it completely from history.

Much more information... coming soon!